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Down Under Construction Services, Inc. has remodeled numerous condos over the past decades. We offer all phases of remodeling, whether it is bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels or a whole condo remodel we can collaborate with you on creating the space you want and deserve. The majority of our condo remodels is sourced from word of mouth referral and speaks to our level of care and professionalism.

Whether we perform the work with our own skilled craftsman or utilize our proven group of subcontractors our clients can rest assured that we will provide the very best services for any construction project.

Featured are some recent whole condo remodels we have completed. We hope you enjoy it!

The pictures above and below is a whole condo remodel that we are in the final stages of completing. We removed everything in this condo down to the studs and created this space to our clients' specifications.

Our clients desired a sleek and modern design and a very bright atmosphere due to a visual impairment, so lots of bright lights!

The flooring we installed throughout the condo is gorgeous polished travertine. One of the unique features is the cabinets. Each room has cabinets that were custom built to order. Specific hardwoods were utilized, and colors and finishes were specified for each set. The kitchen cabinets were treated with a 2 part epoxy urethane to serve both form and function; the custom finish ensures protection and gives it a modern look, exactly what our clients wanted.

As you can see in the picture below, our clients can enjoy a bright and spacious new kitchen. All of the cabinets are custom made, along with a special protective finish on each cabinet door. A beautiful slab of marble was installed over the island. The travertine continues to the kitchen from the living area. Our clients will soon be living here full time and are looking forward to making this their new home!


Our home turned out beautifully and we couldn’t be more pleased with what Down Under was able to accomplish throughout this remodeling process.
Thank you for your attention to detail and listening to what we wanted and delivering it.

-B. Hernandez

Gutted and Remodeled

The Final Kitchen Space is beautiful

Condo Remodeler
Condominium Remodeler

Subtle Improvements

The picture here is a condo remodel on the gulf beaches. This is a view of the open butler pantry area from the kitchen area subtly. All of the countertops were topped with granite, and cabinets were custom made. This is a whole condo remodel for one of our repeat clients. They purchased a condominium that we completely gutted and remodeled.

New Look and Feel

This is a view of the stove area with the gorgeous mural centerpiece custom made to our customer’s specifications.

The floors in this condo are a polished stone and we custom made the crown molding to our client's specifications. A brand new look and feel for our clients!  We were happy to help them accomplish this.

Condo remodeling in Tampa Bay Florida
Bath Condo Remodel

Remodeling Done With Your Schedule

This is a client of ours that is planning on remodeling one room at a time in their condo. As you can see from the picture, their first room to remodel was their bathroom. We were able to establish a timeline with them to ensure that they had a clear picture of when each room would be complete to move on to the next one. Many clients like this option as they can pick and choose their remodeling needs and coordinate it with their own schedule.

The pictures below are of a small kitchen remodel that we did. We installed new stock cabinetry, new porcelain tile flooring, backsplash and all new appliances. We do many condominium remodels consisting of only a kitchen that needs to be renovated.

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