St Petersburg Condo Remodeling

A Scenic Water View with this
New Condo Remodel

This Condo Remodel project was completed in St Petersburg, a primary area serviced by Down Under Construction.  This is a beautiful home, with spectacular views and we will take you through a full tour of this newly remodeled condominium.

Condo Remodel in St Petersburg looking at Kitchen to Dining Room

Create The Condo Of Your Dreams

Down Under Construction Services, Inc. has the expertise, integrity, skilled trade partners, and professional experts that are critical to ensuring the journey to your remodeled condo will be as smooth as possible.

Having remodeled many homes and condos in the Tampa Bay area over 2 decades, we have developed an approach that is simple and effective.  We begin with the scope and conceptual design, utilizing architects and engineers we have worked closely with through the years, or working in collaboration with your own architect. From there, our clients are able to finalize a custom condo design that meets their design and budget criteria.

This remodeled living room was completely gutted.  Notice the column where we installed the light and matched the column width to the window width.  Also of interest is the soffit created, and then the lighting installed within the soffit to create a softly lit area.

Here we move directions looking from the Dining Room to the Living Room.  It provides another view of the soffit and the new column.  The water is never out of view no matter where you are.

From the Dining Room we can turn around to face the new Kitchen Remodel.  The quarter wall in the kitchen that separates the kitchen from the dining room used to be a full wall that we removed. We also created the counter area.  Of course one of the most desired rooms to show off is the Kitchen.  One of our most popular services is being a luxury Kitchen Remodeler among other remodeling services.

Here we get a close up of the newly remodeled kitchen which was completely gutted.  It is colorful, spacious and modern.

Condo Remodel in St Petersburg with featured Kitchen
Condo Remodel in St Petersburg with Kitchen Appliances

Beauty can move throughout the entire condo, including this remodeled bathroom.  It features a built custom (in blue) door and a custom sink area built from a solid slab wood piece. The lighting in ceiling adds an extra special appeal too.

It is easy for you to imagine our clients sitting back in their new remodeled condo to relax, enjoy the view as well as be excited with all the other major improvements.

This home was built for those who simply love being on the water.
Down Under Construction Services enjoyed remodeling of this client’s dreams in St Petersburg.

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