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A Spacious Home Addition Is
Waiting For You

You love the home that you currently live in, but would like to add some additional space for your comfort and enjoyment.  At Down Under Construction Services, Inc. we specialize in creating a beautiful home addition that not only improves the functionality of your home but will look beautiful from an interior design perspective. We enjoy adding value to your home and have been doing so since 1995.

The finest home additions start with excellent designs. When a room addition is built correctly, it will look like it was always a part of the original house. Through our decades of expertise in constructing home additions, we have the ability to seamlessly integrate a new room addition into your home, complementing your existing style while dramatically expanding your living space to enjoy.

Building a home addition is similar to building a new custom home, only on a smaller scale. Therefore, the planning of the room addition is similar to the planning of a new custom home build.

Home Addition Living Room

Check Your Contractor's Experience

We advise that whoever you choose to embark on this journey with that you ask them how much experience they have with the remodeling process and FEMA.   FEMA stands for the Federal Emergency Management Association. They are a set of rules and regulations that affect all homes in Pinellas and Hillsborough County that are:

  • In a flood zone and
  • Does not meet current mandated minimum height.

FEMA has a 50% rule whereby any renovation is limited to a cost equal to or less than 50% of the value of the structure only. It’s crucial to note that each city interprets this rule differently and that any prospective renovation ensures the proper calculation of your home value.

We have substantial experience in building home additions and also additions associated with FEMA. We know how to navigate the complexities of these rules and regulations in a progressive and timely manner to ensure that we obtain a FEMA permit and can begin construction promptly.

Home Addition Examples

The following are some examples of house additions we completed. The picture above and the one below is a home addition that we recently completed. The owners purchased a home that was in need of updating and they also wanted more space. They also requested that the house be open from front to back. We were able to remove a bearing wall that was in the middle of the house and put it in a structural steel beam across the new opening. We supported this with large footers and columns on either side. This also added an additional 1200 square feet to space.  The result was a beautiful new open space that is beautifully integrated with the existing house and gave them a visual from the front to the back of the home as they desired.

House Addition Front Entry in Tampa Bay

Below is a picture of the new exterior after the house addition was complete. We bumped out the front entryway. It features new stone pavers, lighting, roof, windows, shutters, front door, and garage door.

Below is an exterior back view of the additional space and an interior view. It has been beautifully integrated with the existing house. This is a good example of a wonderful transformation from a back patio area to an interior living space.

Here is another home addition and complete renovation we recently finished.  The back exterior was added on as well as additional square footage in the front of the home. Note the seamless integration whereby you don’t notice where the addition was done to the existing home.

A Beautiful Home Addition Transformation

This is the laundry and bedroom area of a home addition recently completed. As you can see, when looking toward the newly remodeled kitchen, the added space blends seamlessly with the original foot print of the home.

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If you are interested in learning more about our St Petersburg New Home Builder or St Petersburg Remodeling services, please call Down Under Construction Services, Inc. at (727) 593-1333 for more information.

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